Want to Make a Perfect & Effective Timetable? Now You Can!

Time Management Tips | Want to make a perfect and effective time table? Now you can!

No doubt that making a timetable is the best way to organize your time and stop wasting it. Most of us have at least made a timetable once or twice during his time at school, university or even work. However; the problem is not with making a timetable, anyone can do that, it's with sticking to it. Therefore; In this article, I will discuss the Golden Rules to make a perfect and effective timetable that will make you stick to it.

A "fixed wake-up - go to sleep" time every day (even if it's a holiday)

This is almost the most important thing to keep in mind whenever you think to make a timetable. Not having a fixed "wake-up" and "go to sleep" time will make your timetable ineffective and you will not be able to stick to it. Let's say you decided to wake up at 6 am and go to sleep at 10:00 pm every day.

If one day you stayed up late until midnight, this will make it difficult for you to wake up at 6:00 am. Therefore; you will be either unable to wake up at 6:00 am or you will make it out of the bed, however; feel worn-out throughout the day. Consequently; your day will not go well, and you will not be able to stick to your timetable, nor you will be able to do the other tasks.

Notice that some people sleep only for 6 hours and feel energized throughout the day, others need 8 hours of continuous sleeping every day to stay active. Therefore; you have to figure out how many hours of sleep you need a day and make your timetable based on it.

What you have to do every day comes first

Once you start filling your timetable, start first with the things that you're supposed to do daily as these things won't change overnight. On the other hand; don't write any temporary tasks in your time table. Instead: write the phrase "free time" next to the hours you are free.

Ex. I have to go to university every day from 8:00 am till 1:00 pm which is a permanent thing that I have to do every single day (except in holidays). Therefore; I will have to include this task in my timetable.

What you have to do every day comes first.

Don't write the temporary, now and then tasks in your timetable

As I said before, only include those permanent tasks which you have to do every day in your time table. The rest, make a general To-Do list and then start filling it with those temporary, now and then tasks. Whenever you have a new task write it down in that general To-Do list. Then every day picks up a bunch of those tasks and refers to your timetable to know whether or not you have sufficient time to accomplish them.

What time you are free and what time you are busy

It is necessary to have a complete vision of how much free time you have a day, and the time you are busy. This will help you to plan for your day effectively and know whether or not you have enough time to accomplish a specific task. Therefore; Calculate the total free-time you have and write it below the table.

What time you are free and what time you are busy.

An electronic timetable is better than a paper timetable (point of view)

E-timetables can be modified easily. I mean if your daily routine changed one day for any reason, you can easily modify your timetable to match it. Moreover; you can access your E-timetable from almost any device phone, laptop, I pad ... etc, therefore; you can have it with you everywhere you go and check it whenever you want. Whereas; in the case of the paper timetable you have to keep a piece of paper containing your timetable everywhere you go which might be annoying to some people.

Different daily routines, Different time table.

This goes without saying. Take me as an example, I have to go to university every day from 8:00 am till 2:00 pm. That's  5 HOURS. Contrary, I don't have to go to university on Friday as it's a national holiday in my country, so on Fridays, I have an extra 5 hours of free time. Therefore; I needed to do another timetable that is specific to Fridays.

If you don't know when to make another time table, ask yourself the following question "Is there something big changed in my daily routine that would require me to change my current timetable?" if yes, then go ahead and make another timetable.

Download your free "Time Table" Template and use it to make your own Time Table

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