12 Cool Facts About Drones

12 Cool Facts About Drones

From a technical point of view, drones are a brilliant idea and an innovative invention. They are an excellent example of technological progress. Today, a drone can be purchased for less than $50 from most toy stores or department stores.
In this article, we will look at 12 fun and interesting facts about the world of drones.

1- Amazon and drones

Amazon is seriously considering using drones to deliver its daily packages. "Prime Air" is said to be able to deliver packages within 30 minutes via drones.

2- Transporting medical equipment using drones

In remote areas, such as Africa, drones are used to ship medical equipment and life-saving medicines as the human transport of those equipment takes a long time.

3- Domino's Pizza and drones

Domino's Pizza, a global pizza delivery company, is experimenting with drones to begin using them in its own package delivery process. These planes help deliver the product as quickly as possible while it's still hot and fresh.

4- The first drone in history

The year 1916 witnessed the first attempt to manufacture a drone that was used as Aerial Targets for artillery. It was created by Archibald Montgomery Law (October 17, 1888 - September 13, 1956) who was an English consulting engineer, research physicist, inventor, and author of more than 40 books.

5- A revolution in the world of agriculture

Drones will revolutionize the world of agriculture, they allow farmers to monitor their farmland all the time even while drinking a cup of tea. They give them a clear and wide view of their agricultural lands and monitor crops to see the damaged crops and those which are ready to harvest. Drones can also be used to water crops easily and effectively. 

6- Drones and weddings

Drones are becoming more and more popular at weddings, providing an easy, fun, and effective way to document this important day in everyone's life with high-resolution videos and photos.

7- Drone Racing League

There is already a league for drone racing. The Drone Racing League (DRL) uses places such as sports stadiums and warehouses to create a specific track for the race and then have players compete with their drones by manipulating them and performing many cool and beautiful maneuvers.

8- If you own a drone, be careful

According to Drone Schools, it is illegal to fly your drone if it is of the type capable of flying up to a mile or distances that the naked eye cannot see and track or if it is capable of flying above 400 feet.

9- A drone in the garden of the White House

On January 26, 2015, a drone crashed in the White House lawn and its owner faced charges that were later dropped after it was confirmed that the plane had gone down as a result of a technical failure and that it was just an accident.

10- The FBI uses drones

Police and FBI use drones for surveillance and raids. This caused an uproar by citizens about the use of drones on the pretext of violating their privacy, but the police pledged not to use drones for purposes that violate the privacy of others.

11- Armed drones

Armed drones were the first military drones to be used. Where they were used for the first time to deal with the terrorist and the commander-in-chief of the army, Mohamed Atef, in 2001.

12- A falcon faces a drone in a fight to the death

In a video that went viral, a falcon appeared to be holding a civilian drone and destroying its device. The video was captured by the camera installed on the drone. The video shows, nature always beats machines!

From military to recreational uses. Drones are still facing huge media coverage about the dangers that may result from the misuse of these wonderful machines. However; the law has already set restrictions and regulations on how they can be used. This ensures that drones are used in an optimal and appropriate manner.


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