Scalar vs Vector Quantities

Scalar vs Vector Quantities

The Scalar Quantity

The scalar quantity is any positive / negative physical quantity that can be completely specified by its magnitude. 

ex. Time , Length , Mass

The Vector Quantity

The vector quantity is any physical quantity that can not be completely specified unless we know both its magnitude & direction.

ex. Force , Moment

How to represent a Vector


  • Length of arrow = Vector's magnitude. 
  • Tip / head of arrow = The sense of vector's direction.
  • The angle θ between the vector & a fixed axis = The direction of the vector.

In print:- 

  • A (boldfaced) = the vector.
  • A (Italicized) = the vector's magnitude. 


  • ̅A (arrow or line above) = the vector.
  • A (no arrow or line above) = the vector's magnitude.


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